Verifications of Pressure Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Column, Piping, Boilers and Tank.
Equipment and Plant design drawing.


Pressure Equipment - Design and verification by Formulae (DBF):
  • Pressure Vessel and Exchanger
  • Steam Boiler (Water and Fire Tube)
  • Column e Towers
  • Piping Stress Analysis
  • Silos and Tank (API 650, API 620, Eurocode)

Plant safety devices sizing:

  • Safety chains (Limiter, SRMCR, CSPRS)
  • PSV (Italian, European and all international standard)
  • Burst disk (Italian, European and all international standard)

Plant design:

  • Plant P&ID
  • Lay-out 3D and 2D
  • Piping routing 2D and 3D
  • Piping construction sketch
  • Bill of materials
  • Engineering Specifications
  • Material requisitions

Process design:

  • Balance of Plant (BOP)
  • Piping and equipment process sizing
  • Heat exchanger thermodynamics sizing
  • Plant component sizing (pumps, filters, valves, etc.)
  • Material Selection and Diagram
  • Hazardous area (classification and mitigation systems )